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Reach Your Next Comma - We're ready To Work With you 1 on 1
Apply Now & We'll Schedule A Free Appointment To See If We're A Fit

- We only work with 20 Clients a year

- Each client we travel in person too

- 1 Month Of Online + Mobile Access To Jon Weberg after initial consulting
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Do You Understand That Mentorship & Consulting Is How You Reach Your Next Comma?
Each Consulting Session Is Customized For Your Experience
Satisfied, engaged, and enjoyable - we create long-term partnerships with our customers
3 - 7 days In Person Consulting
Hands on and precise - We like to connect and consult in person.
We'll even eat the bullet and pay for our own lodging and travel.

Because you reaching your next comma and beyond, is our priority.
Personalized solutions for your personalized problems
No matter your team, employee, or revenue size - we will customize your education and consulting for your exact issues and strong points

Nothing will be left to chance.
Our consulting umbrellas over everything marketing and sales
Content creation, conversion, customer service, ad copy, funnel design, lead generation - You name it
Get Guidance To Scale & Expand
We'll help you layout a year long detailed plan to bring you to your next comma.

We don't beat around the bush. And only give you what works.
Sales & Marketing Education - For Any Industry
Learn exactly how to develop your customers into life-long repeat buyers - and develop a loving culture that spreads your business rapidly.

Raise conversion, increase revenue, and generate more leads than ever before.
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