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Seely Clark - " ​​John & Richard are one of a kind...If you have them for mentors, you really really REALLY need to pay attention to what they are saying, what they're doing, and what they're telling you, to do...

If you have them, you're lucky. "
Peter Grant - "The new sales funnel Richard & Jon just shared with us works extremely well.

Over the weekend I ran an initial test package from Udimi and this morning I see I have 94 new subscribers and 6 new sign ups.

First I want to say "Thank You" and secondly encourage everyone to get their funnel set up and drive traffic to it. This is a seriously nice Gift they gave us."
Sean Mullan - ""Jon and Richard...What an AWESOME FUNNEL you created,
And the top notch training is just as awesome!!

You need to pay attention when doing this training. Every part of it counts!"
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