This is me on January 8th 2020 at damn near 300 pounds...Can you say holy man boobs! 
It Is Time To Create Lasting Life Changes!
And it gets worse..
Not only do I have a horrible back, and had surgery on two disc already, every joint in my body hurts..I can barely reach my backside..

...And now I have been diagnosed on top of it, with a autoimmune disease...

I will share more on that in the coming weeks..As I learn more through my next appointments with a autoimmune disease specialist.

I have done this to myself, through years of not moving everyday like I should, and over eating..

Time to get this Fat boy moving!!️‍️ 💪🏋️‍♂️🚴‍♂️
I forgot to mention that my blood glucose levels have gone way up as well..

Diabetes, Liver Damage anyone..??
I am 48 years old and going to hell in a handbasket FAST!
It is time to make a permanent change, before I destroy myself any further, or worse yet, I croak!!

It Is Time To Get Serious And Make It Happen, I Want To Be Around A While Yet And Take Care Of My Family..
Maybe you can relate to some of what I have shared.?
I never make excuses in my marketing, time to stop making them in regards to my health!!

So I am on a mission, to help inspire other people to take this journey with me. One step at a time, we will do it together and become accountable for our health, wealth and happiness..

Join Our Now LifeStyle Family & Become Empowered And Take Control Of Your Life!
Everything You Will Need All In One Place To Make Money And Get Healthy!
I Have Spent Years Online, Focusing On Making Money, And In The Process Neglected My Health...

Now I Want To Create A Movement, One That Empowers People, To Take Charge Of Not Only Their Money, But Their Health And Happiness As Well!!

Our Transformation Together Begins Now!